Benefits to Training Twice Per Week vs. Once Per Week

If you are reading this article, then your child is part of or you are interested in your child becoming a part of the most innovative children’s martial arts program available: SKILLZ!

With SKILLZ, the “brain” is the main character. Through our comprehensive age-specific, and skill-specific programs, we can actually improve the physical structure of the brain!

Our goal is to help the brain grow important new connections. With that said, we created class planners that focus on optimizing how the brain works throughout the entire class. This copyrighted system is what makes SKILLZ so effective in helping children develop as a whole strength training frequency.

Here’s how our planners work:

Part 1: Warm-ups – Our comprehensive age-specific warm-ups blended with “neurobics” maximize the amount of oxygen boosted to warm-up the brain.

Part 2: Mat Chat – The mat chats initiate neural activation (when new brain cells spring into action.)

Part 3: Skill-building drills or “game-based” learning drills – this portion of the class boosts neural growth (production of proteins that enable new connections) also referred to as “working memory.”

Part 4: Curriculum checkpoint – this is where students perform skill-based testing requirements that are specifically developed to alter the way information is stored and retained for future reference, also referred to as “fluid intelligence.”

Part 5: Cool-down stretching – this enables the brain to “download” all of the information that was just processed.

Part 6: Game – the end of class game increases the brains release of the feel-good chemical called dopamine, which leads to higher social and emotional integration.


So Why Twice Per Week vs. Once Per Week?

We also know that from a scientific standpoint, children have weaker neural connectors than adults. With that said, they also need more consistency than adults.  If they don’t get consistency, then you risk getting a “groundhog day effect,” which means re-training the brain versus building upon the previous class strength training frequency.

If your child only trains 1x per week, then that means approximately 168 hours go by between classes. Science will tell you that going 168 hours without constant training creates minimal results. Cut that time in half and you will double results.

Do that math: 168 hours between sessions (or 1x per week) vs. 84 hours (2 x per week).

When you factor in the many benefits developed through the SKILLZ class planners, it makes sense that training twice per week can have a significant impact on your child’s overall growth and development. Convenience aside, why would you not want the most out of your child’s training? Your child is very fortunate to live in a generation where science and psychology is introduced into the aikido martial arts industry through SKILLZ, and choosing to maximize their learning will help your child become the best individual possible!

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