Masters Of Martial Arts

Sempai Penn

Sempai Jarin Penn began his martial arts training in 1989 at age four. He said martial Arts has always been in his blood. Yes, always! He is the son of Sensei Lusk Penn, Founder of Kazoku Marital Arts. In 1997, after lots of dedication and hard work, Sempai Penn received his first-degree black belt in Japanese Shotokan Karate at the age of 10.

Sempai Penn has learned many teaching and leadership skills, and techniques. He has been in numerous competitions during his martial arts training–competing in tournaments from 1992 – 2000. After continued hard work, in 2007, Sempai Penn was promoted to his second-degree black belt in Japanese Shotokan Karate. Currently, he works with the After-School Program, Summer Camp Program Grandmaster (martial arts), as well as the evening Karate programs.

Shidoin Walton

 Shidoin Eric Walton Jr. began his marital arts training in 1987 at the age of 7. He was introduced to the arts when his

father, a former student of Tae-Kwon-Do, signed him up for his first class, where he trained for a few months. Six years later, in the summer of 1993, he began training in Shotokan Karate and has been training ever since benefits to training twice per week.

In 1997, Shidoin Walton received his first blackbelt in Shotokan Karate. In 2000, he received his second degree black belt and the title of Instructor Assistant. Other martial arts styles that Shidoin Walton has studied include Aikido in 1994, Goju Ryu Karate and Jujitsu in 1999, Capoeira and 52 Blocks Boxing in 2008.

Shidoin Walton loves studying the martial arts and has gravitated towards its nonviolent aspects. He said cultivation of mind, body and spirit is his motivation for continued training. He also said, because of because of the great people, method of training, and fun times, he loves studying and teaching at Kazoku for martial arts-perfect for kids with special needs. One motto he has developed is, “Be better than yourself.”

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