After School Program

Kickin’ Kids After School Martial Arts Program

The mission of our after school program is to provide quality care for the total child in a safe, nurturing and educational environment utilizing appropriate martial arts activities to meet individual needs.

Parents benefit because after school martial arts provides a much needed service and can actually save them money. Plus, it gives parents an opportunity to enroll their child or children.

in more than just an ordinary after school program. Since martial arts lessons are taught in an atmosphere of courtesy and respect, parents feel confident leaving their children in our care. Children will benefit the most from this program. Since our Kickin’ Kids classes will be based on positive martial arts lil’ dragons & karate kids philosophies and teachings, children in our program will receive more character development education than they would in an ordinary after school environment. Many after school programs for psychology of skillz martial arts training may not focus on areas such as: goal setting, conflict resolution, positive attitude development and how to overcome obstacles. This gives our program a unique approach to after care and a true definition to quality care.

Our Motto

  1. •We believe all children are individuals and are to be treated with respect.
  2. •We believe children learn through play, instruction, and by asking and answering questions.
  3. •We believe children need opportunities to develop physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and language skills.
  4. •We believe children need guidelines for acceptable behavior and to know that there are consequences for unacceptable behavior.
  5. •We believe children should be taught the importance of having a positive attitude. This has been proven to raise self-esteem, boost grades in school and assist them in getting long with others.