Lil’ Dragons & Karate Kids

Japanese Shotokan

In the Karate program, we practice the traditional “katas” or forms of Japanese Shotokan Karate with an emphasis on their self-defense applications. We also teach practical self-defense techniques for modern day situations. We instill in our students that karate is more than blocking, punching, and kicking; it is also about learning to perfect ones character. We create a positive learning environment where the students are taught the traditional values from karate, such as confidence, respect, discipline, and humility. We believe these are values that students should carry over to their every day life situations.

Class Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday

6:00p.m. – 7:00p.m.

6:00p.m. – 7:30p.m.

Our secret is teaching your child coordination, concentration and self-control through excitement and fun.

It’s true that the Lil’ Dragon and Karate Kids’ activities will keep your child physically fit and that many of the group activities show children the benefits of good behavior. Our Lil’ Dragon are from ages 4 to 6 and Karate Kids psychology of skillz martial arts training from ages 7 to 8.

The main life skills taught in our Lil’ Dragon and Karate Kids programs include focus, respect and teamwork. Children also learn discipline, confidence, self-control, responsibility and coordination.

The benefits of the programs:

  1. •will help develop social skills. Children who participate in the Lil’ Dragon class will have positive interaction with children their age.
  2. •will help develop discipline. Martial arts encourage children to practice good behavioral skills and set a good example for others.
  3. •will help develop your child’s basic motor skills for after school program. The Lil’ Dragon classes build coordination, balance, control and fitness.
  4. •will help build a positive attitude with confidence. The Lil’ Dragon curriculum is developed to continuously improve each child’s skills.