The Science and Psychology of Skillz Martial Arts Training

Science and psychology are a huge part of our martial arts instruction, at Bossier Martial Arts and Fitness, which is why we have systematized our approach to teaching, allowing every student to have the coolest experience in every class.
In each class we:

Apply Neurobics, mental exercises designed to create new neural pathways in the brain by using the senses in unconventional ways.  During our warm-ups we use physical exercises to oxygenate the brain and vary the way we “count” to help the brain “think,” warming up the mind and body for the rest of the class after school program.

Activate Learning

we engage with our students; rather than tell them what they’ll learn, we ask them to tell us! We relate what they’re learning on the mat to their life outside of the dojang,  helping them find their intrinsic motivation to succeed.

Stimulate Working Memory

We understand our students learn best through fun-filled game-based instruction with their peers. We systematically run our drills or “games” so that students are engaged; consequently their brains release proteins, creating new neural connectors between the new neurons so that they can travel farther through the neural pathways. This effectively sets our students up to learn lil’ dragons & karate kids and retain more.

Foster Fluid Intelligence

We concentrate on specific material that the students will retain and be measured. This is the point of the class where we are stimulating their neuroplasticity or literally molding their minds, as they’re now in the best place to learn and retain new material and details.

Finally, we Increase Mental Recollection – our students have the opportunity to download all of the information they’ve learned by allowing our students the chance to rest their brains after such high activity. This chance to send more oxygen back to their brain helps the knowledge they’ve  gained become a permanent part of them!

Our approach is designed to help our students grow Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally & Socially, allowing them to become the best they can be!